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Библейская заочная или онлайн школа

Начните обучение в нашей Заочной Библейской школе. У Вас есть возможность дистанционно получить систематические знания Слова Божьего, чтобы использовать их для служения в церкви и для личного духовного роста.







Молитва является для нас необходимым элементом служения, поэтому мы посвящаем на это время. Мы также благодарны за каждого молитвенника, который поддерживает наше служение молитвой.



Каждое пожертвование является вкладом в строительство Царства Божия! Мы благодарны за каждую помощь для поддержки нашего служения на Ниве Божией.

Dumitru Joacabine’s Testemony

In our village the evangelism work began in 1996. At first, christians were gathering at homes to study the Word of God. Later, there appeared the need to buy a house where believers can gather to worship the Lord. In 2000 a house was purchased in the center of the village then registred. But this house was very old. The ceiling was so damaged and left down, that we had to move the pulpit from time to time, feared the ceiling would fall over the preacher.

In 2003, God enlightened me and I became His child. Together with the church, we began to pray for a new house, but everything seemed to be in vain and we did not get any answer. At this point, I was particularly inspired by the prayer of the oldest sisters in the church who prayed that the Lord will not take her to Him until she sees the new Prayer House. The Lord responded to our prayers. God is good and keeps His mercy forever.

The Widows received help

The "Widows" project, designed to help solitary people, was also held this year. At the initial stage, 11 women were supposed to be helped, but 34 widows from locations: Agronomovca, Comrat, Antoneşti, Drochia, Sărcova, Otaci and Uşureia were helped. In these villages and towns, one, two or three families have been helped. But things have gone different in the Usure community.

The pastor of the local church suggested to choose three widows to be helped with wood. The pastor presented the information about three women with a precarious material situation. But after a while, he called to the Bible Mission and asked for help for another 22 widows ...

It should be noted that this year, in Uşureia, a Prayer House will be built under the coordination of the Bible Mission. Starting with year of 2016, construction works have already begun in which 22 widows have been involved with much zeal and diligence. They were coming to the constriction day by day, preparing the lunch for the workers, being very happy to even physically assist in some construction work. The pastor was sensitized by this attitude, asking BM not to neglect any demand from these women. The Mission responded positively to these requests. Each widow got one cubic meter of wood and also bags with food.

Project 1:10 brought blessings

Cold. Frosts. Christmas mood. Children of the Lord are actively involved in the evangelistic project "Good news for ten close people." Relatives, friends, neighbors, occasional travelers received the 1:10 sets and heard the most beautiful news: Christ wants to give everyone Salvation!

The "Maranata" church in Tartaul de Salcie this year have participated for the first time in the Project 1:10. "Near the winter holidays, on December 24th, together with the youth of our church, we went house to house, spreading the news of the Birth of Jesus. We handed the New Testament to the households and the set of Christian brochures received from the Bible Mission. Also on January 7th, we went caroling but this time in the village of Taraclia de Salcie. The people were overwhelmingly hospitable, they gladly took the brochures and the New Testaments”, testified impressed to us the servant of the church from Taraclia de Salcie.

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